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Evergreen Organic Farm

the Evergreen Organic Farm is a working small-scale organic farm that serves as a learning laboratory focused on small-scale organic agriculture. The Organic Farm currently produces fruit, vegetables, eggs, chickens, herbs, cut flowers, and sheep.

Located in the northwest portion of the Evergreen campus the 5-acre developed area includes the Farmhouse (built by students in the 1970’s), 3 acres of fields and orchards, greenhouses, a closed-tunnel composting facility and miscellaneous outbuildings.

Students enrolled in the Practice of Organic Farming program (POF) work as interns on the Organic Farm throughout the entire growing season. The growing methods practiced and taught at the Farm provide a working example of organic agriculture with a focus on soil health and water conservation. Students learn how to plan, plant, maintain and harvest a diverse array of crops while also developing a wide variety of agricultural skills. The internship is supported by academic work in the agricultural sciences.

The Bookstore supports the organic farm in several ways.

During the growing season, the farm stand on Red Square uses the bookstore’s mobile register to give the Evergreen community access to all its fresh produce and other products.

Year-round we stock (when available) organic farm jams and other products, with the sales proceeds going to support farm programs and activities.

Additionally, the bookstore sells other farm merchandise, t-shirts, mugs and other items, with the sales proceeds going to support farm programs and activities.

Click HERE to view organic farm products. 

More information on the Organic Farm can be found