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Faculty Resources

The Evergreen State College relies on you, the instructors and faculty, to submit textbook lists for your courses in a timely fashion each quarter. Timely textbook submissions allow us to source the correct textbooks, evaluate titles for inclusion in our rental program, and obtain an appropriate supply of used textbooks.

Important Due Dates

Each quarter textbooks are returned to the vendors for credit at the end of the 6th week. 

Textbook Orders

  Quarter Due Date for Textbook Orders
Winter 2020 Tuesday, October 15th 2019
Spring 2020 Tuesday, Feb 4th, 2020
  Summer 2020 Tuesday, April 21st  2020
  Fall 2020 Tuesday, May26th 2020

These dates are set to allow the college to meet the requirements the Higher Education Opportunities Acts (HEOA) of 2008 and 2010.  These Acts stipulate that the college must make public all information about required textbooks and course materials as well as all costs associated with any program/course so that students can make informed registration decisions. available .  

The Bookstore is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that we have books available for all programs/courses taught through The Evergreen State College. Even if you are suggesting alternate ways of purchasing to your students, we still need to have copies of all required course material available for those who wish to purchase them here. There are many students on campus receiving outside financing for their education - through VA, scholarships, DVR and more - that can’t go online to purchase their course materials. The Bookstore is responsible for making sure that any student can get access to all required course materials

Textbook Order Form

The textbook order form can be found on your page.

Select the link for textbook orders and follow the instructions to fill out the form.

Please use the comment line to order any supplies through the bookstore, or to indicate any arrival dates that will be required for the textbooks. For example- A specific book to be read before the start of class.

Please contact Jean Sullivan at 360-867- 6215 or sullivaj at if you have special instructions or questions about the textbook ordering process.

More Resources

For more information on Textbooks at the Greener Bookstore click here(pdf)

Program Book Archive (Search and browse book titles used in programs 2004 to present)

Faculty Center 
Username: 74305
Password:  fgh123

Accessing FCN

Go to

Click on Log In
Enter Bookstore username: and password (listed above) Click  Enter create a Faculty notebook (link is located on the left hand side of the page)
Fill out the Faculty registration form. Once faculty members submit the form, it sends an e-mail, which verifies they are faculty, giving them access to desk copies and publisher information. It allows faculty to create a personal notebook keeping titles they you may be interested in later.