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About Us

The Greener Bookstore is wholly owned and operated by The Evergreen State College since 1971. All proceeds directly support student services, facilities, and programming.

The Greener Bookstore is an educational resource that provides students, faculty, staff, and community members with a variety of quality products and services at competitive prices.  Collaborating with faculty, our textbook section is like being in one of the most unique libraries in the northwest.  We supply general interest books including works of faculty, alumni, and local authors.  The Copy Center is located in the bookstore and serves the entire campus community. The store is also full of greener gear, gift items, office supplies, and the largest school art section between Portland and Seattle.

The Evergreen State College Greener Bookstore serves an intrinsic part of the college's academic mission, extending beyond the simple exchange of product and services for money. We promote student development by employing students and offering life and career training that will complement their academic pursuits. The Greener Bookstore’s financial success allows us to employ work study students and generates funds for other student activities. We are dedicated to providing services that enhance academic learning, and are actively engaged in campus programs and activities that promote student success. 

Staying Local

We are committed as much as possible to using local resources and supporting local businesses, right down to some of the printing on our t-shirts.  We buy, support, and sell student and alumni-made art.  You can find it in our Made at Evergreen section.  Being a Greener is special, so we strive to be just as unique as the students we serve.  We invite you to stop in anytime, whether you are looking to sport some greener wear, buy a sustainable water vessel, or lose yourself in our unique title collection.

We are here to help.

An Affiliate member of the Workers' Rights Consortium since September 2001 (Affiliate Universities #37)

Store Hours

Return to Evergreen
  Sat October 19th 9am – 2pm 

Fall, Winter, Spring
 Regular Hours
    Mon – Thu 8am – 5:30pm
   Fri 8am – 5pm

From the main entrance parking lots proceed to Red Square. Head toward the clock tower, the College Activities Building (CAB) is the building on your right. The Greener Bookstore is located on the Red Square level. See you soon!

2700 Evergreen Pkwy NW 
Olympia, Washington 98505
Phone: 360-867-6212