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Cap & Gown Ordering

Graduation regalia (caps, gowns, stoles, announcements, etc.) are available for purchase now
at the Greener Bookstore or Click here to order online

Please note that all graduation gown sales are final -- no returns.

On Olympia Campus?

At the Tacoma Campus?



Bachelors Degree  

Gown (green)


Mortarboard (green)


Tassel (green and white)


Evening/Weekend Stole
 (either Evergreen or Evergreen/Evergreen)

Masters Degree

Gown (black)


Hood (for MES, MPA, MiT)


Mortarboard (black)


Tassel (for MES, MPA, MiT)


What size do I need?  Gowns are sized by height (with shoes.)

Gown Sizing Reference Chart
Height Weight Size
4'11 - 5'4 Up to 200 lbs Regular
4'11 - 5'4 201-300 lbs X-Large
5'5 - 6'0 Up to 250 lbs Regular
5'5 - 6'0 251-300 lbs X-Large
6'1 & up Up to 300 lbs Regular
6'1 & up 301-350 lbs X-Large
Sample gowns available in store for size determination.

Questions?  Call us at 360-867-6212.


Sustainability for Graduation: This year our graduation gowns are made using Repreve yarn. Repreve is made from recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles. Each gown made with Repreve uses about 29 post-consumer plastic bottles, collectively saving over 7 million post-consumer plastic water bottles this year. Visit for more information.  Made in the USA.