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Cap & Gown Ordering

Graduation regalia (caps, gowns, stoles, announcements, etc.) are available for purchase now
at the Greener Bookstore or Click here to order online

2020 Graduation- The College will be sending Cap and Tassel to all Grads

Please note that all graduation gown sales are final -- no returns.

On Olympia Campus?

At the Tacoma Campus?



Bachelors Degree  

Gown (green)


Mortarboard (green)


Tassel (green and white)


Evening/Weekend Stole
 (either Evergreen or Evergreen/Evergreen)

Masters Degree

Gown (black)


Hood (for MES, MPA, MiT)


Mortarboard (black)


Tassel (for MES, MPA, MiT)


What size do I need?  Gowns are sized by height (with shoes.)

Gown Sizing Reference Chart
Height Weight Size
4'11 - 5'4 Up to 200 lbs Regular
4'11 - 5'4 201-300 lbs X-Large
5'5 - 6'0 Up to 250 lbs Regular
5'5 - 6'0 251-300 lbs X-Large
6'1 & up Up to 300 lbs Regular
6'1 & up 301-350 lbs X-Large
Sample gowns available in store for size determination.

Questions?  Call us at 360-867-6212.


Sustainability for Graduation: This year our graduation gowns are made using Repreve yarn. Repreve is made from recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles. Each gown made with Repreve uses about 29 post-consumer plastic bottles, collectively saving over 7 million post-consumer plastic water bottles this year. Visit for more information.  Made in the USA.