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Greener Bookstore/Financial Aid (SAFA) Account 

Use your financial aid excess to buy your books EARLY from the Greener Bookstore!


    • If you are an admitted financial aid recipient, a charge account (up to $400) is now available to be used at the Greener Store for qualified books and supplies.
    • Each quarter requires a new signed application.
    • This program is for financial aid recipients with aid packages with no issues/documents outstanding and an excess balance more than $400. If you are unsure of your eligibility please email Student Accounts at
    • The account can be started now and it will be available until September 23, 2020. After that date, the accounts will no longer be available.
    • Unused credit balance at the Greener Store will be sent to your student account for refund. 
    • Any balance associated with this charge account will incur interest, age per college policy, and result in holds being placed on the student account suspending college services.

How to sign up:

Olympia and Tacoma students:

  1. Request the application by sending an email to Student Accounts
  2. Complete the application and send it to Student Accounts for verification. 
  3. If approved Student Accounts will forward the application to the bookstore. The Bookstore will let you know when the account has been activated.
  4. If denied (not enough Financial Aid to cover the balance on the account and $400 for books), Student Accounts will email you to let you know.
  5. Refund of any credit balance should be directed to the Greener Store.

To order books, visit
and click “Buy Books” (a Greener Store web account will be setup.must exist before placing an order.)

For questions:

Greener Store (360) 867-6212